Getting to know a little bit more about Labos

Labos is a family-run business, operating in lumber industry. Our passion for wood has been with us since we started operation two generations ago. Labos quickly developed into a recognised leader in wood processing and is now the biggest producer of veneered panels in Albania and supplies the majority of manufacturers in the region. Alongside veneered panels, Labos is also offering other products such as MDF, HDF, Plywood, Blockboard, Particleboard etc.

At Labos, we always seek to maintain a strong relationship between partners and the culture and values of our company. We always aim to pass this inspiration at every stakeholder of our company.

Edmond Llaftiu ( Managing Director )

Who We Are

It's all about responsible utilisation

From 2019, Labos is running in almost 90% renewable energy which consists of ≈25% recyclable waste material and 65% solar energy. We are proud of this achievement and are already investing towards 100% green energy in the near future.

All our product line also derives from renewable material. Wood is an organic material that is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Our objective is to maintain the sustainability of the forests and their growth management. Therefore, our core values rely directly on maximising efficient and effective forest management. Consequently, taking considerable care in the management and well-being of the environment is truly important for us. These environmental aspects feature prominently in our product innovation and our choice of suppliers.

Precise utilisation of raw material is a benefit to both our factories and our supply chain elements. By optimising the processing of this material in our plants, we can ensure that it is processed as efficiently as possible by us. This also serves to ensure the responsibility and precision in recovering logs from the forest owner’s point of view.

Environmental Initiatives

Relying in powerful policies is key

Labos employment policy requires compliance with all legislation designed to ensure equal treatment and the prevention of discrimination. Our employees are the most valuable asset of our company, essential participants with a shared responsibility in fulfilling our mission. We recognise that the quality, motivation and performance of our employees are the key factors in achieving our success.

Accordingly, our Human Resources policies and practices are built on commitment to diversity, equal opportunity and fair treatment.

Labos is committed to ensuring all our employees operate in safe and appropriate working environment, with minimal to no risks and adequate provision of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Our Health and Safety Policies clearly state all the regulations taken by our company based on our company culture.

Environmental safety is another vital area for consideration. Continuous training (internal and external) of all our staff, is embedded in our Health and Safety Policy.

Our Human Resources

Aiming for sustainability

One of our main objectives is to stand at the forefront in international environmental standards and to follow all principles of sustainable forest management. We continuously evaluate all the stages of our operations from the source of raw material to the end customer to ensure sustainability during the practices of sourcing and collection.

Our vision is to become the leading sustainable and socially responsible wood processing firm in Albania through the optimum use of our natural resources.

Vision For Our Future