MDF Board Panel Specs

MDF panels are produced from fibers of hard and soft wood, with the addition of binding agents, and the application of high temperature and pressure. It is ideal for any type of construction. We apply all types of Veneers on MDF panels.

Available types of MDF

  • MDF
  • MDF Fire RetardantFR (Euroclass B1)
  • MDF Moisture-Resistant MR
  • MDF Acoustic

Technical Data

  • EN 622-5 (UF 4.2.1)
  • Class E1
  • CARB P2
  • DIN – EN16516

FSC Certification upon request


The average density of our MDF boards is 750 kg/m³.


Furniture, wall coverings, doors etc.

MDF Board Veneer Panel Manufacturing Labos

Veneered MDF Panel

Particleboard Veneer Panel Manufacturing Labos

Chipboard Panel Specs

Chipboard is a multi-purpose material and one of the most popular wood-based panels. It is manufactured from wood chip particles and synthetic binding resin. We can apply all kinds of veneer species in our veneered chipboard panel including fire retardant, water resistant and acoustic options.

Available types of Chipboard

  • Chipboard
  • Chipboard Fire-Retardant
  • Chipboard Moisture-Resistant

Technical Data

  • Class E1 Certificate, or CARB P2
  • Conform to the European standard EN 312-1, class 1

FSC Certification upon request


The average density of our Chipboards is 650 kg/m³.


Ideal for internal architectural components and furnishing (kitchen applications, furniture, shelving, etc).

Veneered Chipboard Panel

Plywood Panel Specs

Plywood is a high quality construction material with high tolerance to humidity. It can have both internal and external application. Exterior Plywood maintains performance under conditions of humidity without deforming or soaking. Our real wood veneers are bonded to plywood panels.

Available types of Plywood

  • Plywood
  • Plywood Poplar
  • Plywood Birch 
  • Plywood Okoume

Technical Data

  • Class E1 Certificate

FSC Certification upon request


Exceptional durability and wear-resistance. Stability during climate variations. Hard surface. Higher water resistance. 


High quality indoor and outdoor furniture, exhibition booths, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, doors, etc.

Plywood Veneer Panel Manufacturing Labos

Veneered Plywood Panel

Blockboard Veneer Panel Manufacturing Labos

Blockboard Panel Specs

Blockboard is a wood based board, which consists of a core made of softwood strips between the two layers of wood veneers glued together with high pressure. Our Veneered Blockboards come in a wide range of wood veneer species and offer you an excellent solution to your projects.


Ideal when long pieces of wood are required for furniture making as it is solid and does not bend. It is often used for long book shelves, tables, wall panels, doors, slides, etc.

Technical Data

Class E1 Certificate or CARB P2, FSC Certification upon request.

IF 20; AW 100 available on request

Veneered Blockboard Panel